Hoof Care

“I would highly recommend this system on any dairy.
Herd health is too important not to.”

– Porte Dairy, Dexter, New Mexico

The KattleGuard automatic footbath system is the hassle-free way to keeps cows’ feet treated seven days a week. Unlike traditional baths, your cows get fresh cleaning solution applied to all four feet each and every treatment.

Our “Foot and Field” spray is a natural, zinc-based solution. So it does wonders on the cows’ feet – but even better once it makes its way into your manure lagoon.

KattleGuard actually doubles as a great fertilizer! Zinc is a necessary plant nutrient, especially for corn. So you’ll see a big difference when lagoon contents are applied to your fields. In fact, every month you get a full pound of zinc per cow. That’s significant.

Plus, it’s easy to use! This self-cleaning unit eliminates manure build-up in the system and fights the cross contamination common in traditional footbaths. The rugged stainless steel construction stands up to the wear and tear that even a 1,400 pound dairy cow can dish out. The low-maintenance system is rated at 2 to 5 million cow passes between major services.

Find out why this unique hoof care solution was called the “One of the Best New Products in 2011” by Dairy Herd Management.

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