Hoof Care

Technical Info

KattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care

Electric to System (outside barn): 110 VAC with 15 amp circuit.

Electric to Barn: 24 VDC

Air to System: 80 psi minimum required

Water to System: 1/2” poly or PVC lines minimum (@ house pressure)

Back flow preventers: Not required

Pumps: G-57, air operated diaphragm pumps.

Freeze Protection System: Air blow out (80 psi source required)

Mats: Proprietary, mean time between failure rating of two million cow passes.

Frame Construction: 3/16”, 304 grade stainless steel

Frame and Mat mounting require flat cement surface. If surface is uneven, level with quick drying cement and allow to set before installation.

Dimensions: 30” W X 72” L. If lane width is wider than 38 inches, narrow lane to 34 inches and shim each side with one each plastic composite — 2” X 12” plank. If 38 inches or more, narrow  with two 2” X 12” planks on each side.