Hoof Care


KattleGuard Automatic Footbath System Named a “Top 10 Innovative Product” of 2011!


Dairy Herd Management named the KattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care System one of its “Top 10 Innovative Products” for the year 2011. This honor was bestowed after a review by an independent panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts.

KattleGuard took the honor from more than 30 entries nationwide. In its review of the system, Dairy Herd Management said:

“Unlike traditional foot bath technologies that are little more than pools where cross-contamination can occur, KattleGuard treats each foot individually with fresh sanitizing product. Using a novel sensing system, KattleGuard detects the feet of the animals and accurately targets and then treats them with high-velocity, low-volume sprays.

Besides dispensing fresh solution for each treatment, the system runs eight times more efficiently than traditional bath-type systems when it comes to chemical usage. Running the KattleGuard system for seven days a week is the goal.”