Fly Control

Technical Info

KattleGuard Automatic Fly Control System

Electric to System (outside barn): 110 VAC, dedicated 20 amp circuit

Electric to Barn: 24 VDC

Pump: Rotary Vane, 110 VAC, 15 amps at start. Do not mount more than two feet above insecticide source. Pressure variable from 50 psi to 110 psi.

Application Arm Mounting: Mount seven feet off floor as measured from bottom of application arm to floor. Arm will accommodate lane widths up to 40 inches. If lane width is more than 40 inches, narrow to 36 inches.

KattleGuard Insecticide

Active ingredients: 1% Permethrin; 1% Piperonylbutoxide (PBO)

Inert Ingredients: 98% heavy viscosity mineral oil.

Viscosity: 350 S.U.S @ 100 degrees f.

Notes and Warning: Use of viscosities of less than 350 S.U.S. will result in excess usage through machine and significantly increase costs of operation. Additionally, use of lighter viscosity insecticides may easily result in over dosing cows beyond EPA established limits.  Genuine KattleGuard Insecticide when applied through KattleGuard Equipment is applied to, and resides upon, the outer coat of the animal. Lighter viscosities of insecticide penetrate to the dermal (skin) layer of the cow and, besides being out of reach of flies, increase the risk of transdermal absorption. Unlike KattleGuard Insecticide, insectides with lighter viscosities often carry high levels of solvent content which will damage seals in system and void system warranties. Viscosities of less than 350 S.U.S. have been shown to evaporate relatively quickly, and as they evaporate they take active ingredients with them.