Fly Control

Safe for Cows and the Environment

Apply it Safely To Your Prized Animals

Unlike other pour-on insecticides that can penetrate the animal’s skin, KattleGuard is formulated so that when applied as a spray, the mist adheres to the cow’s outer coat of hair.

This creates two important benefits:

– Flies absorb the pesticide directly upon landing on the cow’s coat of hair. Other pour-ons are designed to penetrate below the cow’s coat, down to the skin. Thus, a fly landing on those cows would have difficulty reaching the insecticide as intended.

– From a quality milk standpoint, normally applied pour-ons greatly increase the chance for dermal absorption and entry into the animal’s bloodstream … which could affect the milk or meat.

An Environmentally Safer Solution!

KattleGuard is more eco-friendly than truck spraying or manually applied pesticides.

Fogger trucks blast chemical spray over large areas and, depending on winds, can kill not only kills flies, but beneficial insects such as honeybees and insect-eating spiders. In addition, the chemicals get into the grasses and foliage and can cause harmful run-off during rains.

Also, because of our targeted application regimen, we reduce by up to 60% the total amount of chemicals applied, thus reducing pesticides emitted into the environment.