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Fly Control

“Very impressive! It’s by far the best thing we’ve ever tried for flies.”

– Lee Pereira, Dairy farmer in California

The KattleGuard exit lane spray system coupled with our proprietary chemical insecticide is simply the best fly control system on the market today. It unites effective, continuous fly knockdown and protection with simplicity and automation. In doing so, the labor and human error associated with other types of fly control are eliminated.

Flies that stress dairy cows can cause milk losses of up to eight pounds a day. Solutions range from environmentally unfriendly sprayers and foggers to pour-ons, which can be irritating. The problem? They can be wasteful and ineffective, as well as expensive and hard to apply.

KattleGuard is the safe, easy way to create a “No Fly Zone” without irritating cows or impacting the environment. For up to four milkings per week, cows get an automatic micro-dose of fly-killing spray that rests on their coats, so it doesn’t soak in and create the risk of transdermal absorption.

Up to 25 Times More Coverage!
Our system applies a “micro-dose” from nose to tail and the full girth of the cow – unlike pour-ons that focus only on the cow’s spine. As a result, the treated area on our cows is 25 times as large as that of a cow treated with a traditional pour on.

Think of the treated cow’s coat as a “kill zone”… with a 25 times larger kill zone, flies are 25 times more likely to come in contact with the KattleGuard treatment.

The results are dramatic! Fly problems are virtually eliminated, cows are stress-free and milk production – and profitability – soars. Best of all, the system pays for itself in months, not years!

Here’s how you benefit:
Lower costs. You’ll save money by using just 2/3 of the dosage recommended by many pour-ons.
Increased production. No flies means contented cows and more milk from each cow each day!
Better conditions. Employees and families alike will be as happy as the cows in this “No-Fly Zone.”
Easy to use. Since the system is automatic and motion-activated, there’s no need to remember to turn it on.
Safety first. If a cow stalls under the sprayer, it shuts off, controlling waste and not overdosing the animal.

Multiple Patents and Patents Pending.